Can You Put Cardboard In The Oven?

We have all been there. You want to eat a delicious pizza so you put it in the oven and walk away. After a few minutes, you realize that you forget to take off the cardboard. Now a question is likely crossed your mind, Can you put the cardboard in the oven?

Long story short, the safest option is to avoid putting any cardboard in the oven. Even at your oven’s lowest temperature, there’s a chance of spontaneous combustion fire from putting cardboard in the oven.

If the risk of combustion is not enough for you, there are some other reasons not to put cardboard in the oven. We’ve also put a list of alternatives that you can use in the oven.

Table of content:

  • Can you put a pizza box in the oven?
  • Reasons why cardboard never go in the oven
  • Can you put paper in the oven?
  • Alternative Methods
  • Related questions
  • Final Thoughts

Can You Put Cardboard In The Oven

Can You Put a Pizza Box In The Oven?

Well, I heard from some reviewers that it’s safe to put your oven on low temperature and slide the pizza box in to keep it warm because then it’s far below that 400-degree mark. Unfortunately, even below the combustible temperature, there’s still a chance your cardboard can catch fire. The type of oven you’re using and whether there’s plastic or paper attached to the cardboard both play a factor in the cardboard’s flammability

As an example, ovens with more exposed heating methods may create more of a fire chance than a range that focuses more on heating circulation than direct heat exposure.


While making food at home you should avoid putting any type of cardboard in the oven. It will keep you safe, the oven protected, and your food in good condition.


Reasons Why Cardboard Never Go In The Oven

Pizzas are not the only thing packed with cardboard, mostly fast foods and frozen food come with packaging of cardboard boxes as well as a plastic cover of some kind.

So, always make sure you completely remove all packaging from your food before baking it. Otherwise, you will end up with melted plastic on your food and nobody want that.

No matter what type of food you are trying to make, you should never put any type of cardboard in the oven. Here’s why?


1. Threat Of Spontaneous Combustion

Cardboards easily catch on fire when it reaches a specific temperature of 427 degrees. Most pizzas bake at or above 425 degrees. This margin of two degrees is a little to close to comfort.

If you still cook your pizza with cardboard, one or two things will happen. First, your pizza will be crispy and delicious and nothing will happen to it. Second, the cardboard will smoke terribly and possibly even catch on fire will ruin your night and pizza.

You can increase or decrease the chance of catching fire that depends on the type of oven you have. Older ovens tend to have heating elements that are exposed to the inside of the oven which increases the risk of fire.

Newer ovens have the heating elements covered better and spread the heat making fire less likely. But just on the safe side, don’t do it.

And, unluckily when your cardboard catches on fire, the possibility of catching something on fire in your house should give you pause.

Can You Put Cardboard In The Oven

2. Slow Down Cooking Time

Although, you may think that you are saving time by leaving cardboard on your pizza, in actual it’s the opposite. Leaving cardboard on the bottom of your pizza or surrounding your food can slow down the cooking process of your food, and stop being nice and crispy.

However, there are some things which can be baked with cardboard on. For example, some frozen foods have treated paper dishes that are made to withstand the heat of the oven.

The paper products which are not specifically designed for baking in the oven, do not put them in the oven. Take this of if you have to pay for some extra time. The fire department will thank you.

3. Makes Your Food Taste Weird

Even if your cardboard does not completely catch on fire, it can smoke and give off fumes. These fumes will leave a bad effect on your food, it will ruin the taste of your food and make your oven and kitchen smell as well.

In addition to cardboard, most frozen foods have plastic packaging to prevent freezer burn. If you do not remove the packaging and put them into the oven, then it will create a nasty smell and ruin the taste.

The plastic will melt with heat and mix up in the food that making it inedible. But, wait no worries, just take the packaging off.


Can You Put Paper In The Oven?

Parchment paper is grease- and moister-resistant paper specially treated for oven use. It is very versatile- use it to line cake molds and baking sheets, to wrap fish and other dishes that are cooked in papillote, to cover countertops during messy tasks to make cleanup easy.

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Alternative Methods

Consider several saver options that could result in better-tasting food for your dinner. Instead of throwing your pizza box in the oven to keep it warm during the party or sliding your frozen meal, cardboard and all onto the racks.

Cardboard Support

For frozen pizza lovers and enthusiasts, you have likely encountered a pizza or two that came with a circular piece of cardboard. The cardboard usually keeps under the frozen pizza in its packing.

This piece of cardboard actually works as a support for the pizza itself. It helps to keep pizza safe during transport and helps to hold ingredients together.

It would be best if you did not bake your pizza with a piece of circle cardboard. It won’t add to your baking experience whatsoever- in fact, it’ll slow down the process of baking and ruin the quality and taste of your food. You can use the cardboard for extra support. Use the cardboard to help slide your pizza onto the rack.

Can You Put Cardboard In The Oven

Bake Directly On the Rack

Instead of baking your pizza, dessert, bread, or entree with cardboard, consider placing it directly on the oven rack instead. This exposure helps crisp your bread and crust, heat your food quickly and sometimes add to your food’s overall flavour.

We will note, this method can result in a bit of a mess. You may notice that some of your pizza cheese slides off or the bread flakes instead in the oven. If you use this baking method frequently you may need to clean your oven semi-frequently, too.


Cookie Sheets

Cookie sheets consider a staple item in every kitchen. It is one of the cleanest and finest ways to cook or bake things in your oven. Cookie sheets can handle larger, like a frozen pizza and smaller items that could slip through oven racks, like cookies.

Before picking up the cookie sheets check if it’s stuck or nonstick. That will help you to determine whether you need to grease the sheet before cooking any food on it. This metal sheet will catch up heat hurry up in the oven and evenly help to cook your food. You won’t have to worry about the sheet catching on fire at any point.


Pizza Pan or Pizza Stone

A pizza pan or pizza stone is typically a circle shape item that you can bake your pizza on top of in an oven. A pizza pan looks like a cookie sheet. It’s often metal and relatively thin. It’s actually easily washable and won’t heat up in the oven.

On the other hand, pizza stone is thicker than a pizza pan. It’s likely made of literal material and ceramic material. This stone will protect your food, help to keep your oven clean and reduces any concern about cardboard oven fires.


Q: Can you put a foil container with cardboard lids in the oven?

A: Yes, you can put but it depends on the temperature. You can definitely put foil containers in the oven but we don’t recommend a temperature of about 500.

Q: Can you put cardboard in the toaster oven?

A: Yes, you can put cardboard in the toaster but make sure the temperature should remain under 450 degrees.

Q: Can you put cardboard in the oven Reddit?

A: Yes, that’s fine but don’t set the temperature to high and don’t forget about it.

Q: Is it ok to cook pizza on cardboard?

A: You should generally avoid cooking pizza or cardboard. The cardboard can catch on fire from the heat of oven. Leaving the cardboard on the bottom of the pizza can increase the time of cooking and could even make the pizza taste worse.

Final Thoughts

Here we conclude, can you put cardboard in the oven? that it might be tempting to use a pizza box or cardboard to bake pizza, but it’s simply not safe to put cardboard in the oven. At temperatures above 400 F for prolonged periods, cardboard can potentially catch fire.

Instead of baking or reheating your pizza on cardboard, use a safe alternative like a pizza stone, cookie sheet or even baking directly on the oven racks. Not only can you rest assured that you won’t start a fire, but your pizza is likely to turn out better as well.


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